The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop


It’s been a long time. The last you heard from us was the announcement of WOW Signal – Our tiny team’s big project. We have been working super hard to get it out, hence the silence! 

But now, It is 2019 and let me start by wishing you all a very happy new year. The past few months have been nothing but exciting and I have so much to share!

First big news is that Pixel Drop Studios was selected by Unity to showcase our game Shut the Window at the Unite India in December! This was an absolutely amazing experience for us . It was the first time our entire team (Well its just the 3 of us) travelled to the beautiful city of Hyderabad and showcased our products in such a scenario. Only a handful of games were selected in the whole country and we were really privileged to be a part of it.

Time to share lots of pics!

The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop
The Pixel Drop Booth at Unite India 2018
The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop
Joseph and the devices getting prepped before the event
The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop
These ran out sooner than we thought
The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop
Some of the best games of the country on the floor
The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop
Some great lectures from industry giants.
The Leap Year Of Pixel Drop
Our booth was constantly packed with players!

As you can see our booth was constantly packed with players excited to play. What turned out to be an eye opener was the amazing feedback, suggestions and praises we received for the games! we realised that we have been so busy in working with WOW Signal that we completely ignored our previous products: Quote Codes and Shut the Window. These games have genuine followers of players who are waiting for updates and new content.  It was now time to chalk out the New Years plan to expand even more!

Being an indie studio is awesome, it is however a 24 hour job and being a small team of 3 adds to the pressure. It was not physically possible for us to manage multiple projects at a time which resulted in older games being ignored.

The Leap Year of Pixel Drop!

As of today, I am extremely happy to announce that Pixel Drop is hiring! We want to expand and grow our family. We are looking for like minded programmers proficient in Unity and Illustrators proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop. If you think you are right for the job and share the same passion, please drop us a message!

2019 is going to be the leap year of Pixel Drop. You will be hearing a lot more from us and reading even more about our work and projects! Stay tuned guys, lots of exciting stuff.

Happy 2019!

Merry Christmas from our tiny studio!

Hey Folks!

Wishing each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hoping your Christmas is filled with food, fun and family. We on the other hand are working on a secret project that is pretty cool (Shhh). More details out soon!

Merry Christmas from our tiny studio.

Till then don’t forget to Pre-order Quote Codes on the Appstore here, it comes out on Jan 18, 2018. 


From The Archives: Illustrating Steve Jobs

I can honestly say it’s the cliché of clichés when I say we see the late Steve Jobs as a source of inspiration in our lives. He truly lived what one might call a ‘full’ life.
So I was particularly struck by a photo of his during one of his last keynotes. It was him holding his hands in a ‘namaste’ thanking the audience in his traditional black turtle neck tee. And I don’t know what got into me but I decided to make a Steve Jobs illustration.

Steve Jobs - Pixel Drop Studios
The immortal Steve Jobs

Illustrating Steve Jobs

What followed that was a gruesome 18 straight hours in front of the computer. Blood shot eyes and multiple coffee cups later this is what we had to show.

This essentially had me drawing individual patches of colours on illustrator up close.

Steve Jobs illustration - Pixel Drop Studios
Each patch is drawn individually

The subtle variations of the colour patches together formed the final picture. Sorta of how pixels work to form a picture, only this time, it has more of an oil painting feel to it.

Steve Jobs Illustration - Pixel Drop Studios
The color on each patch is manually added

It involved a lot of overlapping of the patches . You can see the individual patches in the working drawings of it. Those are really a lot of patches.

Steve Jobs Illustration - Pixel Drop Studios
Those are a lot of patches

And of course his immortal words are a part of it. You can check out the project on our Behance HERE.

As Jobs said “Here’s to the crazy ones”.

Steve Jobs Illustration - Pixel Drop Studios
The final version of our Steve Jobs illustration

Well, the Jobs illustration turned out to be a really fun and eye straining venture. So I decided to make it into a series of Tech Legends. I’ve set out on a course to make illustrations of all the top tech titans of this era. After Jobs, we’ve got Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Zuckerberg in the works.

Here are some of the works in progress.

Bill Gates Illustration Pixel Drop Studios
Bill Gates Illustration
Sergey Brin and Larry Page illustration - Pixel Drop Studios
The Google Boys – Sergey Brin and Larry Page

I’ll have to be honest. This has been in limbo for quite some years. I’m hoping that writing blog on it will kind of force me into going ahead with this and work on completing the series

oh and if you would like a print copy of the Steve Jobs illustration, feel free to drop a mail 

We are alive

We know that we have been quiet off lately, and some people have even asked us if we’re still alive.

We are alive, and can assure you that the silence is because we have a lot on our hands. And just to soothe your worries, here’s what is happening at the moment:

We have not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 projects in works! Now we can’t spill out all the details about them, but here are some slices of information.

We are alive - Pixel Drop Boys
Yep. Thats us

Project 1

Quote Codes – We have been working extremely hard on this for the past good year. The bulk of the work is done. What we’re doing now is some in-game mechanics, some animations, a little intro, bug fixing and sound engineering. We would be opening this for beta testing soon so please do sign up if you are interested to test our cool game.

Quote Codes - upcoming iOS game for 2017

We’ll keep you posted on a release date and we have documented the entire journey from Design to Code which we would be sharing– The game will be out in the second half of this year exclusively on iOS

In the meantime go check out the pages from the game and don’t forget to follow them!

Facebook Page

Twitter Page

Instagram Page

Project 2

The Game Quantum – reworking this and coming out with a more refined, more enjoyable version of our first ever game is one off our top priorities. More details in the coming weeks!

Project 3

The WOW Signal – This is a space exploration video game. A topic that makes us jump from our seats. We are in the concept/designing stage of this and will start development in June. More updates on this then!

Project 4

Tuta Tuk Tuk – Embarking new territories on this. We are traditionally 2D artists and developers but have challenged ourselves with doing the art of this in isometric. Currently in Prototype stage, we would be opening this for a closed Beta stage by the end of May!


Design with Sketch App

We have always used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for the initial prototyping of our app designs. Though a bit of an overkill, we were familiar with it and hence stuck with it for a long time. Then a friend introduced us the Sketch App. And it just blew us away..

Sketch app

Firstly, it’s less than 50 MB installed on your hard disk. 50 freakin MB. Can you imagine that? Adobe Illustrator is more than 1.5 GB and Photoshop is well over that. We became a believer right then. Of course don’t get us wrong. Illustrator is still one of the best when it comes to making accurate drawings that involve stylus inputs and Photoshop is the king of digital image manipulation.

Sketch vs Illustrator vs Photoshop
Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Sketch

If you google you will find a million comparisons between Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator but believe us Sketch wins when you are looking at getting started with the initial screens of the app and it wins in Web Design because of its superior grid layouts, ability to export all layers separately in one go and get CSS attributes for your designs!

Design with sketch app Pixel Drop Studios
iOS Ui Template in Sketch

And the templates included are so much handy. They have templates and export options for almost every iOS device screen size, Web Design and most popular Android ones. It is a match made in heaven for studios like us.

design with sketch app tutorial Pixel Drop Studios
Pre-Installed Templates in Sketch

So Sketch has now become our de facto software for building our initial designs.

It is available for download from their official website. You can first download a Trial version and then purchase the licence if you like from HERE.

If you are really interested here is a small list of awesome free tutorials that will help transition to the software. Note that some of the tutorials are of Sketch 3 while the latest version available right now is Sketch 4 but be assured that the learnings in them still apply!

For Readers:

Official Sketch User Manual

Marc Andrew – Sketch App Tutorial Series

Sketch Tutorial for iOS Developers – Robert Chan

Sketch for Beginners – Sebastian Gabriel

For the ones who prefer videos:

Sketch Tutorial Series – LevelUpTuts

Introduction to Sketch for Web Design – CharliMarieTV

Sketch for Beginners – Patrick Benske