New Beginnings

It’s time to put some keystrokes on the hyperlinked document again.
So I and Pratik have been going through what you might call an ‘awakening call’ after launching our very first app The Game Quantum on the App Store. It’s been a journey of initial highs and then abysmal lows.

And we realized how utterly narrow minded we had become along our design process, thinking we were being focused. We just overlooked basic user problems and assumptions. But I think it’s getting better this time around. We’re striving at it, working at it from ‘first principles’. Look out for the lean mean version 2.0 of The Game Quantum coming soon before year end.

This one is much simpler, more straight forward and most importantly – just easy to understand. I’ve come to accept the bitter sweet meaning of ‘less is more’ while going through this thought process. Turns out it is really hard to cut down on your work. Really assess which is essential and which is just glitter. ‘Is something important? Is this necessary? Does this enhance the app experience? Will the user actually use this?’ We’ve been questioning ourselves on everything that we’ve done. It’s a big deal to swallow your own ego and accept you were just plain wrong the first time around. And then some to rethink your own design principles. I hope we would have fixed it this time around.

We want the user to just start with the game and enjoy it. The game is too complicated, we included too many parameters and assumed too much of the user. We started from the wrong place and no wonder we ended up at the wrong destination.

And then we decided to actually apply all this to ourselves as well. Not just the app, but our whole studio. The branding, the website, just who we are. So this is when we’re beginning, this is it. And wanted to put it into writing because somehow it make us more accountable – having your manifesto in front of you. Reminding you what you have to become. So here is to beginning anew. Get the basics right once again, (as we say it here) one pixel at a time.

Stay tuned for Pixel Drop 2.0 as well.