Quote Codes Update: Marvel Madness!

Hey Guys!

As we approach the biggest cinematic release of the year with Avengers Infinity Wars, it only seemed befitting to revisit all the movies leading up to it. Quote Codes now comes with Marvel Madness for you!

Quote Codes Update: Marvel Madness!
Decode every Marvel movie quote

Binge Solve all your favorite Marvel Movies quotes. Happy Infinity Wars everyone! Keep decoding your favorite quotes. Download on App Store and Play Store!

Quote Codes Update: Marvel Madness!

Shut the Window Diaries 1: Inspiration and Concept

The Inspiration

A couple of years ago, we came across Windows of New York by Jose Guizar. Check him out HERE. The illustrations just completely blew us away.  It is an on going project wherein Jose illustrates a new window from anywhere in New York every week. The sheer details captured in such an innovative yet routine sight enraptured us. The designers in us just couldn’t keep away. We wanted to do something that was similar to it.

Shut the Window Diaries 1: What and Why?
Shut the Window comes out on April 5, 2018 for iOS and Mac App Stores
The Concept

Fast forward a few months, I was reading about human biases that people are not generally aware of and came across this concept known as ‘Variable Reinforcement’. A response or action is called reinforced response if it generates a reward i.e., a person will be motivated to repeat a response if he or she gets a reward for the same. That’s the well-known theory of motivation. However, when a response is reinforced after an unpredictable number of tries, it generates a high and steady rate of response. Which means, when you receive the reward with irregular or unpredictable frequency, your behavior is reinforced even more strongly.

Shut the Window Diaries 1: What and Why?
Shutting the window gives you the reward of furthering the game.

You see we had decided that instead of following random games, each game of ours would have a psychological aspect to it. An underlying principle, if you might. And we thought why not combine this with something like the windows of New York. This is more experiment than game. We just want to know how people will respond to this. Think of it as a grand social experiment of sorts. Shutting the window gives you the reward of furthering the game. And the various different windows opening gives you the randomness. Also each window has varying difficulty levels. Rewards keep varying that way.

So this is our take and part homage to Jose Guizar.

Shut the Window: Frustratingly Fun
Shut the Window Diaries 1: What and Why?
Based on real life windows of Amsterdam. Each window is made with great care and love

Based on the windows of Amsterdam, there are 10 beautifully illustrated designs that you interact with.  Each one is made with such care. Each one has so much detail. They are taken from the historic buildings in Amsterdam and each one bears testimony to it. We hope you fall in love with them. We will dive deep into each of them from our next blog.

Till then don’t forget to Pre-order Shut the Window on iOS and Mac, it comes out on April 5, 2018. Pre ordering ensures that the app automatically downloads onto your device on April 5.

Shut the Window is available for Pre-order on iOS and Mac!

Extremely happy and proud to announce our next title – Shut the Window is available for Pre-order on iOS and Mac App Store and will launch April 5, 2018!

Shut the Window is a one touch game where you have to close as many open windows as possible before the timer runs out. Inspired by real windows of Amsterdam, play through 10 handcrafted illustrations. Frustratingly fun, each design has its own charm. Try not to pull your hair out playing it.

Shut the Window is available for Pre-order on iOS and Mac!
Beautiful hand crafted illustrations
Shut the Window is available for Pre-order!
Shut as many windows as possible!


• Beautiful and addictive one touch game.
• Breathtaking Illustrations inspired by real windows of Amsterdam.
• Frustratingly fun. Makes you keep coming back for more!
• No IAP, no monetization strategy, no currencies.
• Share screenshots of your favorite windows and high scores with friends.

Shut the Window is available for Pre-order!
Inspired by real life windows of Amsterdam

We have been working on this little gem for quite sometime and really hope you guys like it. Please don’t forget to pre-order the game and spread the word. You won’t regret it.

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Quote Codes Diaries 10: UI and App Designs

Hey Guys,

Sorry about the delay, we have just been really tied up with the launch of Quote Codes on Android! Once again, cheers to everyone who have downloaded and are enjoying our game. It has been an amazing ride.

Now, Let’s get on with the topic! Previously, I previously talked about our design failures and wayward thought process in Quote Codes Diaries 8: Design and App Failures. Today we learn how we turned the failure into success by simplifying  our thought process and getting things in order.

App Flow

It was important to get the app flow right. We ditched the clunky and confusing method of making this digitally and focused on physically jotting it down on paper to get the app flow . Our goal was was to divide the app into 2 segments:


  • Home Screen
  • Credits
  • Settings
  • Categories
  • Archives
  • Tutorial


  • Gameplay screen
  • Game End Screen
  • Game Options (Skip, Unlock Clue etc)
Quote Codes Diaries 10: UI and App Designs
We kept things simple this time by taking the traditional route of jotting down the app flow on paper.

UI Design and Interaction

After sorting the app flow, Our next challenge was design and interaction. Unlike most mobile games, Quote Codes gives the users loads of options and screens in the form of Clue, Skip Quote, Categories, Archives, Settings, Credits, etc.  We wanted to give each option its own separate page. Cramming all of them into 1 page would be too confusing.

So how do you add that many pages in the app but not make the UI confusing?

The idea turned out to be ingenious for us.

Quote Codes Diaries 10: UI and App Designs
The simple stacked card system allows us to add/remove pages easily

A simple card system stacked did the trick. This allowed us to make the whole layout of the app dynamic and really simple. We could easily add or erase any page and still maintain the same aesthetic and design.

Next was the the design of the individual pages. Since Quote Codes is a word based game, we wanted to keep everything textual (word based) and to-the-point.

For instance, in SKIP, instead of showing an icon and hoping the user would understand, we decided to add directives with YES and NO button: SKIP THIS QUOTE AND COME BACK TO IT LATER.

Quote Codes Diaries 10: UI and App Designs
Our aim was to use direct questions so the player never gets confused

Similarly for Categories which allows the user to select the various themes of quotes, the design as you can see is really clean and understandable. The Categories are arranged alphabetically and the search bar on top gives the user easy access to search the various themes. Once again selecting a theme will open a drawer confirming your selection in the same “YES” “NO” format.

Quote Codes Diaries 10: UI and App Designs
Categories is one of the main pages of the app. Clean well defined structure was important here.

UI Animations

And then finally it was time to merge them all together. Our aim from the start was to treat the user with subtle and cute animations throughout the app and not just gameplay. Animating the Card menu and the Ui buttons was a lot of fun.

So thats it! Thats how Quote Codes was designed. So far we have covered everything in design right from conceptualization, to implementation. Next Diary will be a treat! For the first time we will have our champion developer Kunal taking you guys through the whole development of the app. Let me tell you, that it is purely brilliant and insightful. Do not miss.

Till then Dont forget to download Quote Codes. It is available on iOS and Android for Free!

Quote Codes is now available on Android!

We have some really exciting news to share, Quote Codes is now available on Android!

Quote Codes is now available on Android!

After the tremendous support and adulation on iOS, by popular demand we have released the game on Android.

For anyone new

Quote Codes is a word puzzle game where you unlock your favorite quotes by substituting one letter at a time. In every game, each symbol stands for a letter. Your aim is to guess and decode the quotes!


• Beautiful and addictive word puzzle game.
• Decode quotes ranging from all themes like Epic TV Shows, Timeless Movies, Classic Disney, Netflix Binge, Legendary Authors and many more!
• Over 85 different themes to play. Solve quotes from Game of Thrones,
13 Reasons Why, Rumi, William Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things and countless more.
• Hand crafted custom animations of each symbol. Beautiful minimalistic visual design.
• Completely free to play with minimum Ads. Earn coins by successfully decoding quotes!
• Universal app with Facebook sync. Play on your iPhone, iPad or any Android device and your progress will always be in sync.

Quote Codes is completely free to play on the both the platforms. Download now if you haven’t already, we promise you won’t regret it. 

Quote Codes is now available on Android!

Quote Codes is now available on Android and iOS

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