The Year of Pixel Drop

It has been just over a year since we started this blog and the reboot of Pixel Drop. We vowed to get our core principles right again and start fresh. At the start of 2017 we set out with many plans, but at the foremost was to form a strong bonded team of individuals who share the same passion as us. Only then can we convert the promises to reality and all the planning can be set in motion.

The Year of Pixel Drop

Pixel Drop was started way back in our college days but I always tell joseph that we become a studio only a few months back. Because, it was only a few months back that we were able to form that team of amazingly talented individuals ready to give their all (Thanks guys). And that is why I believe that 2018 will be the year of Pixel Drop. For us, every small thing as been a learning curve, hence we do such detailed blogs about our entire process (check out the Quote Codes Diaries) so anyone starting new can have all the basic knowledge at one place.


Now let’s get on with the fun stuff. Here is the year of Pixel Drop.

Quote Codes – Quote Codes is a word puzzle game where you unlock your favorite quotes by substituting one letter at a time. In every game, each symbol stands for a letter. Your aim is to guess and decode the quotes! 

The Year of Pixel Drop

Don’t forget to Pre-order Quote Codes on the Appstore here, it comes out on Jan 18, 2018. Pre ordering ensures that the app automatically downloads onto your device on Jan 18


Shut The Window – This is the secret project we have been working in this holiday season. A really quick and fun game with breathtaking illustrations. More in this before the month end!


Tuta Tuk Tuk – We have been working on Tuta Tuk Tuk almost all of 2017, going through countless iterations, style’s and approach. But, now finally we have all the right combination to pull this off. Stay tuned for Tuta Tuk Tuk till mid Feb.


The WOW Signal – The WOW Signal is one of the most ambitious project we are undertaking. We take on the endless beautiful space with dynamic lighting and progressive mechanics. This game is going to be amazing. More details in the coming months.


Quantum Reaction – How can we forget Quantum? Our one and true love. But this time we are doing it different and doing it right! Quantum reaction will be our tribute to the some of the greatest minds in the science world. Stay tuned for this till April!