Pixel drop studios is an award-winning development studio for the best original games. We are both a recognized service provider and a producer of independent games. original games

Upcoming projects

Is your company looking for the best partner to help it develop its Augmented Reality solutions? Contact us and we will get back to you in within 12 hours.

Upcoming projects

We are a company responsible for designing a video game. We have worked with big forex companies like forexcanada.ca to create interactive forex simulation games.

From visual effects to animation to gamification, we are creating experiences not just to have fun but to give value to our customers.

Investing in Video Games and eSports

Pixel drop studios also provides trading companies with fast and intuitive games which are online trading platforms to give to their clients. That helps traders learn forex tradingĀ  without risking any penny.

We been designing, developing and publishing mobile video games of all kinds since 2010.


These guys are the leaders in gaming development. Our xforexonline.co.nz company wanted simple trading demo games for our clients in New Zealand and Pixel drop studios was able to design and implement exactly what we wanted. Many thanks – Amelia